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Présentation de l'artiste

In 1990, after his studies at the Beaux Arts National School of Montpellier, Olivier Dromel exhibits at the Biennal of Barcelone his first photopainting pictures.

Then he lives in Hongria and in Swisterland where he works on the new concept of photography.

In 2010, he gives up the photography for the painting.

His new work about the landscape and the naturalism is a great succes with the galleries of Paris and with Drouot where the sales realised give him an international dimension.

His painting is the result of his tought about Art and his current, and its place in the XXIème, a synthesis of Lascaux, Boticelli, Matisse, Pollock and Warhol, his referent painters.

His last pieces, using a metaphor of bestiary and floralie, are the translation of our real life immutable and fragile.

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